Oar 8 - Railway Side

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The next Oar is quite a distance away. Walk past the allotments. Carry on straight ahead: the road continues as a path past The Idle Hour pub, and through the low tunnel under the railway. Bear right along Beverley Path, turn left into Brookwood Avenue and cross Station Road at the zebra crossing. Oar 9, Barnes Green and Barnes Common, is outside the railings.

On the sign:

This path passes the allotments which are all that is left of the market gardens of Westfields. In Cross Street there sits the Brown Dog pub (1898) which has served the local community for years, formerly as the Rose of Denmark. Number 36 (still called The Beehive) used to be a popular pub and jazz venue. The road runs into Beverley Path; this is an ancient route crossing land known as the Goslings (recorded in 1464 as Geseland, where geese were reared).
This area was damp and also suitable for growing licorice. The tiny pub here, now called The Idle Hour, was known in the past as The Manor Arms.
Just after the railway bridge there is a wild neglected piece of the Goslings which has never been adopted on the left (now fenced); a curious relic from past ages. The ancient path followed Willow Avenue to cross Station road and Beverley Brook, initially by a watersplash and later by Creek bridge to go onto Barnes Common, just as it does today.


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